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Watcher Boucle Newbie Import Raffle
Hello beans! I have a bunch of spare boucle imports hanging around, so I'm putting FIVE up for raffle! You can get yourself a boucle custom import, with the following:
Any colour except bon, smoke and pearl orchids
If that colour is not one of the following, then you can also have one unnatural modifierChocolat, abricot, rouille, brasier, soir, orchid, tea, fangeYou can also have a mutation (extended version if you like) or an unnatural modifier 
Christmas, Birthday and Halloween mutations are not includ
:icontigressdesign:TigressDesign 1 16
Through the TV by Taziii Through the TV :icontaziii:Taziii 19 0 Fawnlings September Pool #16 by Cactus-sis Fawnlings September Pool #16 :iconcactus-sis:Cactus-sis 17 11
Blackwoods in Glenmore/Silvertorne!
Hey there my baconbits! <3
So, since I realized that apparently it's not quite as clear as it's in my head as to when my BWs travel where and how often they can be found outside their kingdom, I decided to put together a little something so you guys know when to find my travelling BWs where! La la la la
They're generally all always open for RP - so, if you need a raider to guide your fawnling to BW or just want your fawnling meet a BW to see they might be half as bad as they're told to be or if you need a naughty BW to curse, taunt and otherwise torture your fawnling, you might be able to find the perfect candidate here. ;3
So, here we go:

raider - master enthralling/illusions
Can be found in: Glenmore
When: spring/summer.
She prefers Glenmore over Silverthorne and hardly travels there, however she might go to ST for plot reasons, if you need her there for her magic. Her hobbies include helping prett
:icondodgermd:DodgerMD 5 19
The World of Kaehleir I OC World
Name: Kaehleir (KAL-eh-AIR) World-of-Kaehleir 
Contact person/creator: Ephemeral-Shire 
Open to join?: OPEN!
(Please note me -titled Kaehleir App - CHARACTER NAME- or reply to the featured comment below if you are interested in joining)
Khaellere is a world similar to what our world might be in a dystopian future. In its early days, the world fostered nature and in nature there were creatures, collectively known as the Fae, who had the gift of manipulating natural magics. Fawnlings, one of the oldest species in the world mastered a wide variety of magical strains and their herds and even their individual wanderers flourished. Besides the average predator that could often be evaded or defended against by their magic, there was nothing that could cause or desired to cause major harm to the species. However, as the world grew, so too did the variety of species and the number of those that knew how to manipulate the forces o
:iconephemeral-shire:Ephemeral-Shire 1 1
Fawnling OC World | The Ashen Earth
General info
The Earth of Ashes, or The Ashen Earth, as known by it's many remaining intelligent races.
Open to join and play! Ask the creator to add you on the list.
Current Time
Spring | Summer | Autumn | Winter
Year 1000 after the Blazing Dusk
Seasons in the Ashen Earth equal to months in real life.
As a phoenix bursts into flames when it dies, the Earth saw a mesmerising end to the reign of humans. By the year 2300 of their Common Era, the advancements in technology had allowed the human race to live longer than ever in relative peace. Their ambitions to develop a technology which would allow them to soar the space effortlessly, however, had led to depletion of most of the planet's resources, and by the middle of the third millennium the usual non-renewable sources of energy had become unav
:iconarsfatalis:ArsFatalis 1 8
Fawnling Quests
Your TWI fawnlings can take part in quests! Completing quests allows your fawnling to obtain fabulous rewards that would otherwise only be available through group giveaways.  There are different levels of quest giving different levels of rewards, and there are different quests for each herd in TWI.
Quick Quest Guide
Choose which quest level you want to take part in: Rambler, Explorer, Adventurer, Wayfarer or Hero
Choose a quest from your fawnling’s herd
For Renegades, check for “Renegade approved” quests in the territory where your fawnling is currently living!
Write or draw the required number of RPs, making sure to include the following form in the Artist’s comments:
    Fawnling Name: (specify which fawnling or fawnlings are participating in the quest, max one per player per RP)
    Quest Name: (include the name of the quest here)
    Quest Level: (Rambler, Explor
:iconfawnlings:Fawnlings 14 30
Allira | Windborne Allied | Filly | Herd Member by LittleStarDancer Allira | Windborne Allied | Filly | Herd Member :iconlittlestardancer:LittleStarDancer 22 17 Gallant|Glenmore Stag|Commoner by carnivaleart Gallant|Glenmore Stag|Commoner :iconcarnivaleart:carnivaleart 36 1 Blueberry Pie | Classic Type Gelding by bovidaeloony Blueberry Pie | Classic Type Gelding :iconbovidaeloony:bovidaeloony 15 5 Pool Design || June #148 by queeniebean Pool Design || June #148 :iconqueeniebean:queeniebean 6 0 Pool Design || June #146 by queeniebean Pool Design || June #146 :iconqueeniebean:queeniebean 7 4 Pool Design || June #145 by queeniebean Pool Design || June #145 :iconqueeniebean:queeniebean 7 4 Pool Design | June #127 by strideroo Pool Design | June #127 :iconstrideroo:strideroo 6 6 Pool Design || June #124 by queeniebean Pool Design || June #124 :iconqueeniebean:queeniebean 9 1



Custom Dragons
I am opening up custom dragon commissions because I thought they would be super fun!! I am back in my dragon phase and don't think I am getting out of the phase for quite some time XD! They will only be a dollar since I am only accepting USD so if you are interested note me and I can get your dragon made!
Drawing/Painting/Digital Commissions
If you have any characters you want me to draw (preferably animals since I suck at humans XD) then I will happily do one for you!! I would prefer USD but I also accept points! My lowest price is $10 and depending on how detailed you want the background (if you want one) then the price will go up. These will be traditional, so if you want it painted the price will go up depending on the paints I need and shipping if you want it shipped to you (I have a ton of brushes so that won't be a problem), or if you want it pencil/colored pencil/sharpie then the price might go up and if you want it shipped then the price will just be a little extra. Or if you want the background done traditionally and your character done digitally that is also an option!
Above are some examples ^
(The two pics as the examples are the same book its just the outside and the inside ^_^) Ok so I have been seeing a ton of Steampunk things lately so that inspired me to make Steampunk journals!!! So I made one and everyone at my school loved it and they wanted one as well :la:!! If you want one they will cost actual money though x3 cause of all the stuff that I buy for it. Depending on what journal you want and how detailed you want it then I will figure out a cost, so I dont have an exact price. But if you want the same journal that was used in the example than that journal was $10 and so then it would probably be $15-$20. So if you want one note me or comment on my profile!


DarkVampireRider has started a donation pool!
248 / 150
Heyro :) Pretty please donate :3

(If you found lineart you like then you can pay for it here x3)

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Pretty Prance
Casper just prancing and dancing around Glenwood xD

Featuring Casper
Spring, Year 768 of the New Age
Glenwood, Glenmore
Gotta Get Home
Casper running home after a long day of adventuring lolz

Featuring Casper
Spring, Year 768 of the New Age
Glenwood, Glenmore
Tempest / Doe / Herd Member
Previous Owner: Ringalou 
Previous Reference: Tempest | Doe | Herd Member
(Will have a more organized ref once my computer starts working again lolz)

Basic Information
Name: Tempest
    Nicknames: Pest, Tempy, Temp, Trinket (ONLY when teasing her...though she is becoming accustomed to it.)
Gender: Doe
Age: 20
Year of Birth: 748 of the New Age
Height: 10hh
Build: Medium
Phenotype: Dunskin Restricted Fawn
Genotype: EE/AA/nCr/nD/fwfw/nRx
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Design Sheet: Fawnlings September Pool #16

Sire: NPC
Dam: NPC
Bloodline: Windborne
Magic Type: Wind 

Skill Points

Speed: 7 [Basic Level]
Stamina: 7 [Basic Level]
Strength: 4 [Basic Level](Build Cap: 15 points max)

Magic: 21 [Advanced Level] (+1 - Magic Charm)
Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+7 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+2 strength - starter bonus
+8 magic - starter bonus

+1 Magic - lit - 400-999 words - Little Ripples
+1 magic - art - Kick up your heels
+1 stamina - lit - 400-999 words - Run for your Life
+1 Stamina +2 Magic - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - A Chance Encounter
+1 magic - art - Chance Encounter
+1 Stamina  +1 Magic - lit - 1000-1999 words - Let me go!
+1 - Magic - All the Colors of the Wind
+1 Magic +1 Stamina - collab lit - 400-999 words - Moving on
+2 Strength - collab lit - 400-999 words - A New Journey

Magic Tempest Can Do
        - Directing mild wind currents - eg, Dramatic breeze for badass hair
        - Speed up wind slightly
        - Slow down wind slightly
Directing wind currents - eg, buffeting an opponent off-balance but not blowing over completely, or use for super duper dramatic hair
        - Pick up small/light objects in wind - eg, grass, sand
        - Calm mild winds
        - Heat wind
        - Cool wind
Willy-willies (Whirlwinds)
        Directing fast wind currents - eg, enough to push another fawnling over
        - Pick up medium objects in the wind - eg, bushes
Asphyxiation of opponents
        - Increasing air pressure
        - Decreasing air pressure

Earth Past Travels Earth 

Charms/Trinkets Tempest has Collected
    "Star" Charm Bracelet - When her and Paris found the star from the night before, there was smoke all around and it was very hot. They decided to get glass fragments from the sand, because the meteor was too hot and too hard to break. They took it back home and her father made the glass fragments into charms for her and Paris. (Read 
Charm Making is a Dangerous Art for the whole story)
Beaded & Feathered Tassel -
Usually wears a beaded and feathered tassel on in her tail or mane. (LOST)
Turqouise Earing 
Always wears a turquoise earring on right ear (Given to her as a filly by her real mother, although she doesn't know this).

Herd Info
Herd: Windborne
Herd Position: Herd Member (Future Stormbringer)
Mate(s): None at the moment
Current Location: Glenmore (on a trip)

   Strengths- Bright, Enthusiastic, Curious, Modest, Caring
   Weaknesses- Introverted, Stubborn 
   Relationships- Bullet; Green=trust, Bullet; Red=love, Bullet; Pink=crush, Bullet; Black=enemy, Bullet; White=acquaintance, Bullet; Blue=friend, Bullet; Purple=family, Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue= best friend, Heart= mate, Bullet; Orange= unsure, Bullet; Yellow= frienemy, Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink= starting to love


- Was born at the Gumtree Hollow
- Traveled around most of the WindBorne Island
- She hopes to become a Stormbringer one day

Bullet; Pink FoalHood Bullet; Pink
When Tempest was younger she and her family herd traveled all around WindBorne, seeing many things and meeting many Fawnlings, some nicer than others... As she grew older and more interested in the world outside her herd, she began to go off on her own most of the time, either to explore or meet other fawns from the the Main Herd. This made her curiosity and affinity towards them grow. Her mother usually looked upon her with disdain, she absolutely wasn't her favorite foal in their herd. Tempest's older brother was. This lack of loving motherhood allowed Tempest to run free with the wind and do whatever she pleased, may it be dangerous or just plain stupid. The effect of this freedom caused her curiosity, knowledge and boldness to increase, not to mention her growing emotional rift between herself and her herd.

One day she met another filly who went by the name Paris on one of her adventures. She was lost and eventually made Tempest's herd her new home.

Bullet; Blue Adolescence Bullet; Blue
As Tempest grew older into her adolescence, her mother began to restrict her freedom for her fear that Tempest would become something great. Her mother never allowed her to travel out of sight nor away from the herd for more than a few minutes at a time. She also had new duties for Tempest to preform. Her mother, being an herbalist, decided to teach her the art of medicine and steer Tempest away from her dream of becoming a stormbringer. Tempest did not like the idea one bit, this was her ultimate dream after all! As of this change in her life Tempest became bitter towards her mother, as her mother had already done the same.

The rift between the two had grown now. They were constantly in an argument and had dark feelings for each other. Tempest tried her best to avoid them but her mother actually seemed to like them! Her mother dwelled, thought about, and even manifested on them...Tempest's life begun crashing down day by day. No help or closure was given by the rest of her small herd.... This only lasted a few months until one night her mother actually attempted to poison her...murder her only filly. This ended it all.

Poisoned and feeling quite alone in the world Tempest made her way to the Main Herd to seek a skilled herbalist. Upon finding one (npc) she collapsed and was out cold for a few days. When waking she found herself alone in a cozy cave the herbalist standing by along with Paris. Paris had already told the herbalist what had happened before her black out and was delighted by the herbalist's confirmation that the herd would welcome her. If she was willing to stay of course. Almost instinctively, Tempest accepted. Her new life was beginning to form.

Bullet; Green Aldult Bullet; Green
Four years went by, Tempest planned on not ever seeing her mother, or herd, again. She was completely fine with it. No betrayal was greater than from a doe towards her fawn...than the attempt of murder. Not one being in her herd had tried to stop her either...They didn't care.

Leaving the past behind Tempest now goes about her life day by day. She says hello to her new herd members whenever she sees them but never really connects with any of them, due to most of the does's subordinate behavior and most of the stag's brooding dominance.  Now that she was actually in the Main herd, she began to see its 'flaws'. She began to fall away from the main herd, as she was used to a matriarchal society. Although as the time passed, a new era for Windborne was on the horizon.

When the war started Tempest sided with the Allied herds. She trusts in their society and beliefs with all her heart. Tempest also has an easier time being around everyone, somehow, after the war ended recently in a blood turmoil. Tensions run high of course but life goes on.


- Loves the color of turquoise (It reminds her of the sky and the sea)
- Wishes she could nab some of the luminescent moss that is native to OakFern one day (A traveler that she met had told her of it during her foal hood. She doesn't quite know if he was telling a lie since she was so young at the time)
- Treats everyone with kindness and respect until they give her a reason to act otherwise
- Usually is caught using her magic for amusement or practice
- Absolutely HATES flies (Why else!? They're annoying and nasty little poop suckers! >~<)
- Loves to run
- Insults towards her are ineffective (But will be hurt if given to by friends)
- Tends to travel
- When thinking too deeply she will involuntarily conjure a small breeze that will circle around her.
- Would do anything to have wings!
- Sometimes she becomes so deep into thought that you must physically 'bring her back' to reality. Afterwards she will feel quite embarrassed 
~Is in love with the feeling of the wind in her mane

Starfire / Tiercel / Herd Member

Basic Information:

Name: Starfire
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Tiercel

Breed: Anomalous Equine. 
Bloodline: 100% Saraph
Age: 8
Birth Season: Spring, Year 1988 of the New Generation 
Eye Color: Blue
Build: Light-Medium
Height: 11hh
Phenotype: Black Blanket Appaloosa Hidden Splash w/ Birdcatcher Spots
Genotype: EE/aa/nSpl/LpLp PATN2
Design Sheet: Free Creation Design | Starfire

Wings (Automatic), Omnivorous Digestive System (Automatic), Beak, Feathers, Talons

Herd Information:

Herd: Saraph
Herd Rank: Herd Member
Current Location: Anywhere in Saraph Territory 

Personal Information:

Sire: NPC
Dam: NPC

Mate(s): None yet

Offspring: NPC

Materialistic; doesn't give things away too easily once he has them, Quiet; kind of shy at first, Mostly out and about finding things, Spy-like, Mysterious

He's conceited, hardy and quick. But there's more than this to somebody with his horrifying past.

He was born and grew up in a middle class family in the centralized city of Oasis, he lived in peace until he was about 6 years old, but at that point life changed.

He lost his parents when they left after a revolution against the family and was initiated in a gang. Reunited with a lost pet he had to survive in a unkind world. But with his eagerness and inginuity, he managed to remain out of reach of danger and find a new home. This has turned him into the tiercel he is today.

With a new chance at life, he now wants to become an Assassin. By doing so, he hopes to find answers to the events of the past and finally find happiness he has never had.

Skills & Talents:

Ability: Bloodhound (+ 10 Stamina Cap)

Herbs/Medicine: 0/100 [Basic Level | Build Cap: 100 Points  | Age Cap:  49 points max.]

Magic Type: Wind
Magic Level: 4/100 [Basic Level | Build Cap: 100 Points  | Age Cap:  49 points max.]

Agility: 18/85 [Basic Level | Build Cap: 85 Points  | Age Cap:  49 points max.]
Stamina: 17/95 [Basic Level | Build Cap: 85 Points + 10 Bloodhound Bonus  = 95 | Age Cap:  49 points max.]
Strength: 6/55 [Basic Level | Build Cap: 55 Points  | Age Cap:  49 points max.]

Experience: 0

Points Breakdown:

+8 agility - base bonus
+11 stamina - base bonus
+6 strength - base bonus
+10 Agility - Starter Bonus
+6 Stamina - Starter Bonus
+4 Magic - Stater Bonus


DarkVampireRider's Profile Picture
McKenzie Miller
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Hi! I am McKenzie but you can call me Kenz lolz. I LOVE drawing and painting and am an intermediate in digital art. I am inspired by nature and animals, but I am very bad at drawing humans, but I want to practice... A LOT! XD I ride horses and have been since I was 4, and want to become a horse trainer, artist, or photographer.
:icondark-snow-heartland: :iconsapphire-stables:
Lovebird Icon made by Anti-Dark-Heart
Qupsick Dark Fawnling Icon made by NicholiDeSchidor
Punk Bouncy made by Hippie30199
BB-8 Icon made by Sai-Chaan
Specially made brushes I use are made by their rightful makers.



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